Need A Reliable Supplier Of Recycled HDPE Pellets?

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues affecting the modern world. It’s particularly damaging to marine life because it threatens a range of animals, including seabirds, whales, fish and turtles. Plastic in the ocean can not only be swallowed by animals: it also disrupts their habitats.

One of the reasons plastic is so bad for the environment is it takes hundreds, even thousands of years, to degrade. The damage it causes is therefore long-lasting.

Recycled plastic is crucial in reducing the amount of new plastics entering the environment.

Green Recycle Group is committed to providing quality compounds suitable for a wide range of plastic moulding applications.

Our products include both LDPE (low density polyethylene) and HDPE pellets (high density polyethylene) along with a range of other quality compounds.

Both LDPE and HDPE can be used to manufacture a variety of different products. The latter is a type 2 plastic which is often used for making containers (such as those for shampoo and cleaning products), plastic lumber, recycling bins and much more.

Our recycled plastic has been used in everything from roads to bank notes. Whichever compounds you’re interested in, our team is always happy to offer more information.

If you’re looking to order recycled HDPE or LDPE products, simply explore our latest range today. Or contact us for more details.