Need To Order Quality Recycled Plastic For Roads?

It is more important than ever to prevent plastics from plastics from ending up in the landfill or incinerator.

As you’ll be aware, all of us produce gargantuan amounts of plastic every year. Single use plastic, such as bottles and food packaging, has never been a bigger problem.

Along with causing a range of other issues, this material makes up over 80% of marine debris. Sadly, less than a third of plastic in the UK is currently recycled. This is something that urgently needs to change.

Quality recycled plastic ideal for use in modern roads.

Roads constructed using recycled plastic are just one of the many ways to prevent this happening. Although this is a relatively new idea, it’s becoming increasingly popular. It is one of the many useful ways our first class compounds can be used.

Green Recycle Group regularly supplies recycled plastic used for roads. Specialising in high quality recycled plastic, we’re committed to contributing towards a cleaner planet.

Our team is always happy to offer more information on our products. Whether you’re after low or high density polyethylene, you’ll find a great choice on our website. Our stock is always being regularly updated.

Find out more about our recycled plastics for roads or simply contact our team for more information.