High Residue Tamper Evident Labels


Pack Size: 1000

Multiple sizes available. Choose your size below.



Tamper Evident Labels – High Residue 

  • High Residue (Dual Layer)
  • In-register tamper message
  • Material is specially selected it deforms easily if stretched or heated but with good initial strength for packing
  • Hi-tack adhesive labels will void on almost any surface
  • Semi-transparent material you can see through the label so you can’t put a new label on top of an old one
  • Clear border containing text
  • Labels can’t be copied like standard void labels such as silver void
  • Sub-surface numbering can’t be changed without voiding the label
  • Counterparts or receipt labels available in no-residue so an audit trail is easily created
  • Coded numbering every number is recorded so we can find when it was made and who it was sent to

Multiple sizes available.

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