About Us

Green recycle group is a young innovative business providing the highest quality and efficiency of recycled plastic products, the company launched in 2017 providing a broker service and sourcing plastic materials for this niche industry. As of 2020 have setup a state of the art manufacturing plant using the best machinery on the market to produce tons of plastic compounds for other plastic manufacturers and consumers. We boast a 10,000sqft facility ready to accomodate any new business enquiries we receive.

Here at Green Recycle Group we are committed to providing recycled plastic and materials to the highest standard to fulfil our customers journey and needs. We can assure our customers that we are using the latest state of the art machinery to get the most efficient and best quality compound results.

We take our responsibilities to our valued customers, workforce and the environment seriously – ensuring that we comply or exceed all UK & European legislative requirements. Our accreditations demonstrate our complete commitment to constantly achieving both quality management and important industry standards:

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