With years of experience in the plastics industry Green Recycle group understands that you need the very best quality polymer compounds for your injection, blow & extrusion moulding needs.

Our compounding service offers you a high quality alternative to the use of virgin plastics – including the added benefits of a cheaper, more cost-effective raw material produced from an environmentally sustainable source.
Using our compounding services you get the same level of quality polymers as you do using virgin plastic in a huge range of high quality plastic polymers, to suit your specific requirements.


Using Our transport and delivery service give you the option of having your plastic compound delivered directly to the front door of your business or house address there is an additional delivery cost on this subject to the amount of compound you are ordering. P.O.A.

As well as our own in-house transport and logistics we also have access to a UK wide network of professional third-party hauliers – meaning we can scale up our operations as necessary so that you can be sure of the same fast, reliable service even at times of high demand.

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At Green Recycle group all waste plastics are hand sorted by our expert staff into material types ready for reprocessing.
Once sorted the raw waste plastics are shredded shredding and granulated to reduce size. These machines are capable of processing any size of plastics – from ordinary domestic waste to much larger plastics from industrial /commercial processes.
To maintain our high standards of purity and quality all shredders and granulators have metal detectors fitted to their conveyor systems to remove any contamination within the process.
This, together with our other reprocessing, ensures that the resulting shredded or granulated plastic material is pure and free from any contamination prior to loading.

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