Quality Recycled Plastic For Producing Bank Notes

Reusing and recycling plastic is one of the most important tasks for cleaning up the planet. Once recycled, this material can be used to make everything from packaging and bottles to being used in bank notes.

Since most durable plastic can be recycled, it’s crucial to make the most of this material rather than letting it ruin the environment. You only have to look around your house to see the colossal amount of plastic we all use on a daily basis.

You might also be surprised by which products contain plastic. With money now made from polymers, recycled plastic is also regularly used to make bank notes. A large proportion of modern cash contains recycled plastic. This is just one of the many applications for our recycled plastic.

Dedicated to producing quality recycled plastic, Green Recycle Group has both HDPE (high density) and LDPE (low density) pellets to buy online.

Our highly affordable HDPE pellets are brilliant for making a wide range of different products. Along with PET, this type of plastic is one of the most commonly used for plastic, shampoo and conditioners, motor oil, detergents, bleaches, and milk bottles.

Are you passionate about reducing the amount of plastic waste?

We’re always looking to connect with potential distributors who are interested in selling plastic compounds. With our HDPE and LDPE pellets capable of being used in a variety of products, there are so many potential customers to reach out to.

If you’re looking for HDPE or LDPE pellets for sale online, discover more about Green Recycle Group or simply drop us a line today.